Oh Dear….What Have I Done??


A bit of beauty in all this terrible weather….my neighbours Beech tree. It starts out in the spring with baby green leaves, by summer they turn a glorious dark red and come fall, like every other tree, the leaves turn that beautiful orange colour. It’s also one of the last trees to have leaves.


One phone call and that was it!  I now have another “on call” job.  I really and truly can only hope that this all does only work out to one day a week….maybe two but no more….unless I’m backing someone up for vacations….then???

I’ll not only be a back up parts delivery person but also a back up office person.  It’s all for the same company and it’s two minutes away from my house so that is all good.

They are putting in a new accounting system (oh god…..been there done that a few times over my working life!!) and I’m going for training with the two ladies that work in the office on Thursday.  Part of me is really regretting accepting this second job and part of me is kind of excited.  What I have to remember is that I am the “on call”, “casual”, back-up person”……nothing more.  It’s very easy to get too involved but I AM NOT going to do that!  They can tell me what they want me to do on those days that I do go in….however they do it is the way I’ll do it.  Sometimes it’s good when a new person comes in….a new set of eyes can see different, sometimes better ways to do things that have “always been done that way”.  I will not do that!!  I WILL NOT!

Lots of things on my to do list today because I did nothing yesterday.  I had big plans but then decided that it was a “me” day……reading and dozing.  I did manage to make dinner but that was the extent of my activity.  Surprisingly I didn’t feel bad at the end of the day…..no guilt for doing nothing.

The weather…..well, it’s raining again, or still.  Just best not to look outside if I can help it.  And we did the “fall back” thing this weekend, so now it’s dark by 4 in the afternoon.  Only a month and a bit before the days start getting longer again….that is my positive thing for the day.



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