More Rain!

Is it never going to end???  We did see a bit of sun on Thursday and Friday but not without rain too….I’ve lost count now of the days.

Yesterday is poured for most of the day…..but my son and kids came over and we had a really good day.

They helped my daughter reorganize and clean up her room ….that was fun for them.  In the afternoon I took my granddaughter shopping for some new clothes.  She picked out a pair of jeans, some tights, a new tee shirt and a new winter coat.  Met up with my son and grandson for a visit to Home Depot.  I think both of the kids enjoyed that more than anything.  The little one stayed home with Auntie.

Out for Chinese buffet for dinner and then they headed home.   A busy day but really fun day.

Lunch with Brenda was great.  She talked a lot and we just listened most of the time….except when she started to blame herself!!!  Such a normal part of grieving.  You are looking for all the “whys” and it always seem to come back to something that you did or didn’t do.  We did talk about the spring trip and she is committed to going because that is what Doug would have wanted her to do.  I’m glad that she’s thinking that way but of course it’s still pretty early.  We met at her place first and talked quite a bit before we headed out….and looked at pictures.  For me that was so incredibly therapeutic going through all the old pictures that we used for Ken’s CofL.  She’s getting that all organized now.

Today is an “in” day.  Lots of catching up with stuff to do around here.  I have a hall/linen closet to clean out!!  There are 5 shelves in there…..only one of them has anything remotely connected to linen on it!  So much junk in there and pictures….all the old albums from when the kids were little.  I imagine I’ll make a bigger mess before I get it all cleaned up and out.  I’ve got a charity pick up coming next Friday so it’s a good time to go through everything in there and see what can go to them and what is just going into the garbage or recycling.





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