Red Sky In The Morning….

Sailors take warning……thank goodness I’m not out at sea!!

Yesterday was a nice day… rain and a lot of sun, even quite warm if you were in protected, sunny spot.

Today is supposed to be much the same, which is good since I’m going for a walk/hike.  Not sure exactly where yet.  Brenda, Rae and I were supposed to be going for lunch to work out more details of our trip next spring…..those plans are on hold for the time being so instead we’ll just go for a nice walk and maybe lunch after but that will depend on how Brenda feels.  She was still in shock the other day….so hard to accept when it happens so fast.  I hope that getting out today and a little more sun will help her a bit.  The rain is so depressing at the best of times, certainly not something you need at time like this.

Happy Birthday to my Dad…..he would have been 83 today.  Hard to believe that it’s been 9 years since both him and my Mom passed away.  Their birthdays were only a week apart so we used to celebrate them together….usually dinner and a card or game night…..always a fun evening.

Spent yesterday with the kids and cleaning of course.  My DIL has stiffened up a lot more but at least she’s still moving around.  She was a bit stressed driving the kids to school yesterday morning, which I understand.  Their house is a little better….a lot of the clutter, laundry, toys and who knows what has been cleared from the stairs going up to the bedrooms.  The hallway up there and the entry still need a lot of work.  I bought some BIG heavy duty coat hooks that the little kids and I put up yesterday….they were quite excited about them and hung their backpacks up right away….we’ll see how long that lasts!!

I went into a bit of a panic mode yesterday when she told me that because of her injuries and keeping lifting/bending etc to a minimum for the next few weeks, the insurance company would pay for someone to come in and help her and clean for that time……OMG!!  I am terrified that someone would say something about their house and the potential safety issues (the mess on those stairs and the upstairs hallway!!).  I mentioned it to her but she said no that wouldn’t happen!!  I’m not sure about that and why would “I”  take any chances so I guess I’ll be out there over the weekend.

I don’t mind because they’re receptive to getting it all cleaned up…..most of the time anyway.  I know I can’t “fix” the problem….that is a whole other story…..but I can continue to try to help.




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