Time To Build An Ark!

As if just plain old rain (30 days and still counting!!)  wasn’t bad enough…..


You do NOT want to be where the orange is!!!

I am just so not a winter person!!  And to me pretty much anytime after September 15 is WINTER!


This says it all!


So all this whining about it is one thing……why I don’t do something about it is another story.  I’m retired, right?  I could just take off…..I can go somewhere else, somewhere warm….I could even handle warm rain!!  Just some place where socks and coats are NOT required.  So why don’t I just go?  Because I don’t want to go by myself!!  That is the biggest problem you are faced with when there is just you.  I think I will have to plan a little better for next WINTER.  It’s not like you can just phone a friend and pack up and go on the spur of the moment….something you could do with a retired spouse!  Next year I WILL have a plan……

My DIL was in a car accident yesterday.  Luckily she’s alright other than a few bumps and bruises, especially where the airbag hit her in the face!!  She’s going to have a nasty black eye.  Thank goodness they babes weren’t in the car with her!!  A truck ran a red light….she seen him coming at her so she stepped on the gas and he ended up clipping the back end of her car still hard enough to cause the side airbags to go off and pretty much wiping out the back end.  I don’t even want to think what could have happened had she not seen him!!  Now they’re dealing with the insurance company.  The car will likely be a write off because of the airbags going off.  That’s too bad because it took them forever to find the car that was good for them and 3 kids!  I’ll try to help out where I can over the next few days.  At the scene she was told, by a lady with first aid, to just sit in the car until the ambulance arrived and checked her over because of the airbags hitting her.  Apparently, as good a safety guard as they might be, they can also cause some pretty serious injuries themselves.  They did take her by ambulance to the hospital.  The Dr checked her over and made sure there was no immediate issues….because it was the side bags they can cause some pretty nasty neck and upper body problems.  He did tell her to keep moving as much as possible so everything doesn’t seize up….she was going pretty good yesterday but I’m sure today is another story.

OK…..I am so tired of all the negative things that seem to be happening in my life these last couple of weeks…..I need to keep positive!!  Focus on the good, not the bad (deaths!!) and the ugly (the freakin’ weather!!).  Holiday pics always cheer me up…..wishing of course that I was still there but reminding me of fun times….good memories!!

Rome pics…..even the rain (one day) didn’t slow us down….well maybe a bit in that it meant a few more café stops!

Piano player at the train station in Napoli (very good….notice the cigarette in his left hand…didn’t slow him down at all!) and Vesuvius from the train.

Campo dei Fiori….our first morning. A visit to the market and brunch!

Happy hour at our apartment with goodies from the market.


Tossing coins in the Trevi Fountain…..it must work because I keep going back!

….and the rain!  A nice stop under a big umbrella at a café across from the Pantheon!  Rain, thunder, lightening and just when you didn’t think it could rain any harder IT DID!  A Segway tour had taken cover under the Pantheon portico but decided to motor on…..I think they were crazy!!!

I feel better now 🙂  We had such a good time on this trip.



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