Lunch For Heidi

There isn’t going to be a CofL for her, at least not now.  They had a cabin a couple hours outside of the city which is where she loved to be and spent most of the summer  there….her husband is going to do something next summer when he does her ashes down there.  That is what she would have wanted.

P & L had spent two days with him, helping him get things sorted out, making sure he ate and just basically being there for him.  L’s husband and him are childhood friends too.

I found a bunch of old, old pictures which I took along.  We all had a good time looking at them and admiring how young and slim we all were back in those days.

Old pictures of pictures from their wedding day, July 1975 (for whatever reason that picture comes out sideways no matter which way I rotate it….argh.)


this is a picture of my Dad with some of “the girls”.  My parents and Heidi’s parents were friends.  We were one of the families that had a car…a station wagon….so my parents often loaded it up with all of us girls for picnics, drive -in movie nights (in our jammies), evening drives for ice cream, driving us to/from the skating rink,  even holidays.  Bev is second from the left….she passed away in 2013.


At lunch yesterday they brought boxes of Heidi’s jewelry.  She loved her bling!  She also make jewelry and would buy cheap stuff just for the beads.  There was a lot of it……they thought what a good way for everyone to remember her and she would have hated it all just being given away….so after lunch we went through the boxes.  Everyone took some….


This was my take away stash….the coloured bracelet on the right, which I hope everyone will remember to wear to the next lunch.


There were 7 of the same coloured stone bracelets so we decided to each take one and wear it to all the other lunches…..I hope everyone remembers to do that.  It would be kind of like a bit of her being there too.

Her husband is doing OK….feeling guilty right now.  I’ll give him a call in a couple of days just to see how he’s doing.  Is grief different for men?  I don’t know…..I’m sure they go through all the same thoughts…..sadness, anger, guilt.

Such a busy week for me….physically and in my head.  Today might just be a “do nothing day” but I have a lot of stuff I could be doing which would bug me if I just sat there…..I guess I’ll just figure that out as the day goes along.



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