Happy Birthday To Kim!

My DIL…..dinner out tonight with everyone to celebrate.  God…these kids are already 35 years old!!  Really….where does all this time go.

Her Dad and his wife will be there…..I do think it’s their turn to pick up the tab for the kids dinners but that would be in my dreams.   I’ve already got myself a bit worked up over that trying to figure out what to say when I get there to let them know that I AM NOT PAYING this time.

It’s a bit of a long story but every time we ALL get together for a birthday dinner I end up picking up the bill for the kids.  He doesn’t contribute a dime.  Don’t get me wrong….I don’t mind paying for their dinners but it’s a bit of principle here….I always do it!  They talk about all the new “toys” (ATV’s, boats) that they buy AND the apartment that they just bought for rental revenue.  The last time I suggested that we split the kids bill all he did was make sort of a pouty face and laugh.  They see the kids maybe once a month if that and very rarely for dinner, let alone taking them out somewhere for dinner.  I don’t think it’s her Dad so much as his wife.  The kids are at my place at least once a week for dinner and/or we’re out for dinner.  It’s not so cheap anymore to do this as often as I do.

The hardest part is if he doesn’t pay and I don’t pay I know the kids can’t afford it…..but then in my head I’m thinking they shouldn’t plan these birthday dinners if they can’t afford it….very much a dilemma today for me.  Maybe as soon as I arrive I’ll blurt out that it’s HIS TURN to pay but then what if he does his pouty face again and says no??  WHAT THEN??

Oh well…..I’ll take my mind of this today catching up on my laundry!  This working business is rough on my routines that I’ve be trying to get going.  Ironing is very therapeutic for me so a good way to spend the afternoon.

Maybe a lunch tomorrow with “the girls”.  Waiting to hear back from them to see what’s going on….will be nice to see them but would rather it be to celebrate one of the birthdays.



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