Lots Accomplished!

Such a good day with the kids too….sometimes I get a little too involved in my attempts to get their place organized and don’t spend as much time as I’d should with the little ones.

Two cupboards cleaned out and another big load to take to VV.  My DIL is being so good about getting rid of stuff….I hope this lasts.  One of the best things about yesterday was that there was not a sink load of dishes when I got there and there was even room on the counter.  Clean dishes in the DW, which was easily unloaded because I could find a place for everything in the cupboards.  She really does want to do this.  It’s still pretty overwhelming and I doubt that I alone can help her with everything but we are making progress which I hope will be a lasting effort.

I sat and read the “literacy week” books with the two in school.  Both are getting really good….it’s French though.  My French is pretty rusty so I’m not sure just how much help I am but at least I can sit and listen and hope that they’re pronouncing everything the way it should be.

I really don’t like the fall…….it’s such a dark, dull, grey time of year.  It’s like it’s the beginning of the end of yet another year of my life.  I tend to reflect back on everything…..what should I have done with my life, what should I do with the rest of it, what do I regret doing or not doing.  And of course my childhood friend passing away makes it all the more difficult.  I wouldn’t say I’m depressed but I’m also not myself, which I hope is a lot more “up”.  It’s one of those things that I keep telling myself….you can’t change what was…..it’s done, learn from it and move on.  Right now I’m wishing I’d spent more time with my friends but that is just how life was.  I didn’t go to all the birthday lunches or dinners or weekends away all those years ago, partly because we couldn’t afford little things like that when the kids were little and I was a stay at home Mom.  But….and that’s the big but……I certainly could have picked up the phone a lot more often than I did, but then I tell myself they too could have done that…..all those thoughts that go around in your head.

Tomorrow, or one day next week when it’s not so crazy busy for me, I’ll make the effort to make some phone calls to people I haven’t talked to in a while……that is the lesson I learned this week!!

I’m babysitting again today…..just a short day though, only a few hours, while my DIL has to go in to do and “intake” of a new case.  I’ll only have the little one this afternoon so I think her and I will go shopping instead of cleaning or organizing.



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