Inside and Outside Chores….

It took all day Friday to recover from my one day of work so I didn’t get too much done but made up for it yesterday.  Not used to getting up at 5:30 anymore or having to get ready to go to WORK!!

Yesterday I had Kallie for the day while the rest of them went off to the annual “Cassie and Friends” family day.  She had a bit of a cold so not good to expose all those kids to that.  That association really does great stuff for kids and their families…..all sorts of  resources, information, direction for treatment, support etc.

Kallie and I spent most of the morning outside raking leaves….she really did help and had lots of fun until the little girl at the end of the cul de sac came out….they both helped for a bit and then were gone to play and do things that were more fun than helping Grandma!!

What a thankless job raking leaves is!!  I’ve filled my green bin to it’s max….anymore and I wouldn’t be able to move the thing…and have made piles of leaves, that will still hopefully be in some sort of piles, for the next green bin pick up.  They really should do an additional run or two during this time of year….they want you to keep the drains cleared and all that which means raking them up pretty much every day that it’s not pouring rain…

In the afternoon Kallie helped me clean out the pantry.  She spent her time putting all the stuff on the counter and then sorting/matching all the plastic containers and lids.  In the course of doing this we found money!!  That’s not a bad thing.  I had a bowl on a shelf that I would put loose change in.  Somehow a week or two ago that got dumped over.  The racks in there are wire meshy type things, so the change just all trickled down.  Over the last few days every time I’ve pulled out one of the drawers/shelves, it’s sounded and acted sort of like a slot machine…..tinkle, tinkle and out of the bottom would come flying a few coins.  The bottom part of the cabinet has been taken care of, next week it’ll be the top shelves…..just how many Christmas tins does one need…..especially one who doesn’t bake….for cookies and bars etc.???  Definitely not as many as I have up there!

A few more holiday pics……

Back from our morning trip to Postiano for our Beer and Pizza cooking class……lots of fun and yet another new pizza making technic…..absolutely no yeast in the dough!!  And it rose just lovely….the trick is letting it sit long enough.   This also makes a wonderfully thin, crispy crust, if that is what you like.


Our last sunset from Sorrento and our farewell dinner at a great restaurant, Zi Ntonio,  down in Marina Grande. Everything was delicious… antipasto – shrimp cocktail on a bed of radicchio, primo piatti – seafood with fresh homemade pasta, no secondi because there was soooo much, and dolci – profiteroles drowning in a glorious chocolate sauce and lots of wine or anything else we wanted to drink.  A great evening and made even better by being right on the water…..

A month ago yesterday I’d just gotten home….that trip seems like it was ages ago now.  I thought I would be happy to not have any more trips planned until next spring but now I’m thinking that may not be the case….I do so love to travel or just even to get away for a few days…..must think about that.



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