Hi Ho, Hi Ho…..

It’s off to work I go…..

I’m going to be a parts delivery person!!  On an on call basis only, which I’m hoping means once a week or so.  My sons company is always in need of drivers because the ones they do have seem to miss a lot of days of work.  I’ll be the 3rd in line “on call” person so shouldn’t get too many calls to go in.

I really quite enjoyed myself yesterday doing my “driver orientation”.  Who knew there were that many mechanics…..thousands of them!!  Should never be a problem finding someone to fix my car, or boat (don’t have one but….).  It’s a dirty job though…..holy!!  A lot of the places, being auto repairs, at greasy…..everything including door handles, if they actually have them!!  Some of the businesses lots are just gravel/dirt and because it was raining big mud puddles.  Lots of dogs…..met some really nice ones, big and small, but also met one that wasn’t so nice!

One of the fun deliveries was to the automotive class at the local high school.  First off I didn’t know if I was talking to a student or the teacher!!  It was the teacher but he looked 15 to me.  And I was surprised by the number of girls that were in the class AND quite entertained by the clothes some of them were wearing…..high heels and tube tops!  I guess overalls are a thing of the past…..

My trainer was one of the old guys (retired…and bored) A nice guy and maybe because he was an old guy (like me) very efficient, professional and friendly at every place we went too.  I got introduced as the “new driver” AND “Craig’s Mom”.

The only real challenge is remembering where you put the parts your delivering and the order sheet.  Every place is different.  And because most of these guys are busy working away on a job, they don’t want to be disturbed so it’s important that you put the stuff in the right place and not bug them.  The first delivery yesterday was two dozen donuts as a goodwill gesture because one of the drivers the day before had dropped the order off on the wrong desk….I will definitely be taking more notes on this when I go back on Monday for my second training day.

Most people were incredibly friendly and fun…..but then I haven’t screwed anything up yet either.  When you’re not delivering parts, you’re putting them away stocking the shelves.  This is a bit challenging for me, first because I have no idea what some of the parts are and there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to how the shelving/stock is set up.  Everyone seems to know exactly where to go for whatever, so that is a good thing for them!!

I hope this helps them out and I hope I will like it just as much on Monday.  I would never in a million years think that I’d like a job like this….and really if it were my “life career” I probably wouldn’t but when you’re retired and want a little structure in your life, working at a place like this one day a week or so is not bad.  You’re not taking “baggage” home with you at the end of the day and you feel like you’ve accomplished something AND even get paid for it!!

I was tired last night though….lots of getting in and out of the car and lots of lifting, luckily nothing too heavy but heavy enough that I had to make a couple of trips to/from the car instead of carrying two or three of the packages….all good for the hips and abs, right?




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