A Good Day!

Lots accomplished at the kids place.  My DIL was very receptive to the new dishes….and getting rid of a bunch of the old ones.  I emptied the dish/glass cupboards and loaded it all onto the kitchen table, then putting in the new ones and some of the old stuff that I knew were keepers…all the rest I left piled up for her to look at and make a decisions on when she got home.  I sort of felt bad about doing that because I remember coming in the door from work and really not wanting to do anything but sit down!

She was a trooper and made her decisions.  A lot of the plastic glasses went back in the cupboard….ah sigh….but a lot of the dishes, mugs, cups and orphaned lids did not.  We loaded all the to go stuff into a couple of boxes and put them in the back of my car….gone!  It’s a start and I told we’d eventually get through it……that was to encourage her because I really don’t think we’ll ever manage this clean up ourselves without some professional help……but I’ll take all little bits of progress that I can.

The kids were fun when they came home from school.  It’s “Literacy Week” so they have books that have to be read, or in Karter’s case read to them (he can’t read yet).  We did that and he sat for an hour or more practicing his letters.  He’s really enjoying school.

Today is an in day at home for me, or at least for most of the day.  I may phone Bev and see if she wants to do a VV (Value Village) run…..I could drop off the stuff from the kids place and see if they have any new and exciting picture frames.  This morning though I have a closet to get working on…..the one in my daughters room.  Her room is a mess!!  But in all fairness to her she doesn’t really have a lot of room to put things away.  That closet is filled with wrapping paper, boxes of books (could also go to VV!) and the parents boxes of estate stuff, which could all be moved either into the other spare room closet or into storage under the stairs.  I’m not sure whatever lurks in that closet but I’ll find out!

A few more holiday pics…..it seems like such a long time ago but really it was just a month!

These are of our morning day trip to Positano.  What a glorious place it is….so very touristy but so very pretty….

Early morning coffee and pastries….left at 7:30AM so we could beat the traffic on that famous Amalfi Coast road…

The narrow road from the Villa down to our drivers pick up point….and this was one of the wider parts….some places you could stand in the middle of road and touch the walls on both sides!!


That famous road…..not for the faint at heart.  In some places there is nothing, other than a two foot concrete barrier, between you and thousands of feet down into the sea.


We took the ferry back to Sorrento which was great.  The views along the coast are beautiful.


Goodbye Positano…..I would have to check my trip journal but I think that almost 10 years ago to the day we were having lunch here ….




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