Babysitting Day

That’s what Tuesdays are now.  The only negative would be having to pick up kids….I really don’t like to have to drive with them if I don’t have too but….

Last week I had decided I wasn’t going to do anything at their house….just because.  But I couldn’t stand it.  I did manage to do nothing for an hour or two only.  Did dishes and tidied what could be tidied and then I took a good look around the kitchen to see what the problem is……besides not cleaning up after themselves.  Why are the counters always full of dishes (clean and dirty)….and the sink!  The kids have all these cutsie cups and mugs…all big, some with cute lids that look like hats, none of which fit into each other for stacking in the cupboards… room, so they just stay on the counter and get all mixed in with the dirty ones.  They don’t have a lot of cupboard space and what is in them is minimal because of the shapes and sizes of everything.

It’s the dishes that are the problem!!  Too many of them and too many of them are too big!  It was a lovely set of dishes but so not practical.  The set is really big…the big square plates that I swear are half an inch thick and weigh a ton, you can only stack two of the bowls on the shelf and the mugs are huge…so I went and bought them a new set of dishes….with my DIL’s approval of course.  Much more practical with lighter plates, bowls and mugs that stack good and they’re plain old white!  Today that is what I’ll do….reorganize some of the cupboards.  I’m also going to take their old dishes away with me.  The set is missing a number of pieces now…broken or just simply have disappeared somewhere so not worth keeping.  It’s a start….we’ll see if it helps.

I actually lost sleep thinking about this……I really need to work on that!!  I’m treading very carefully but also figure that whatever I do is part of the compromise… babysitting in exchange for me doing whatever to keep my mind at ease.  I think this is a win, win situation for them!!  But is does help me too….






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