No Internet. ..argh

So I’m using my phone!  Definitely not much of a post today because of that.

Had a busy but great weekend.  The windstorm never materialized which was a good thing just lots of rain.

N & S got off to the sun in Arizona yesterday morning …..I hope they’re enjoying it.  They are certainly not missing anything here!

Kids were over yesterday for lunch and dinner.  Had lots of fun….played a game “Life”.  A great way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Enough of trying to use my phone…if the Internet doesn’t start again soon I guess I’ll have to give my brother a call.  I hate to big him bit I know he’ll be able to sort this out.  It worked last night so maybe, hopefully. …. just a local outage.




2 thoughts on “No Internet. ..argh

  1. Try unplugging your router / cable connection from the wall – or wherever it comes into the house. Leave it for a minute and the. Recently next everything. That might work.

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