Clear, Cold, Crisp….


And even a bit of frost this morning…..brrrr.

If winter was like this every day I think I could handle it better……but it’s not and today will probably be the last of the “nice” winter weather that we’ll see for a while.  We’re supposed to batten down the hatches over the next few days….lots of rain and wind.  I think it’s the tail end of a typhoon that is heading our way so we may see some power outages along with the crummy weather….yuck!

Yesterday worked out really good babysitting the kids.  My son goes into work a little later so he can drop all the school kids off and then drops the little daycare girl at my house.  I then leave here and pick Kallie up from preschool at 11:30 and then to their house.  The two older ones get dropped off at home after school at 3:00.  One or the other parent is home around 5.  All good.

I was determined that I would NOT do anything at their house but of course that didn’t quite work out……I couldn’t stand it.  I didn’t want to be that naggy, bitchy mother-in-law on her first day of work at this new job…..which she was pretty excited about it and it sounds like it’s going to be perfect for her… I didn’t say too much but next week may be a different story.  I can’t bitch at my son because then he bitches at her and I don’t think he needs that extra stress.  I told him I’d talk to her about what I need to be done when I’m there (like at least ONE clean bathroom!!!!!!!) how I’m going to approach this, I just don’t quite know yet.

I’ve over planned my day again…..lunch with a friend who has a Drs appt near here and then dinner with Donna for her birthday.  And between this I need to pick up some groceries just in case these storms that their predicting do actually happen.  I’ve moved the BBQ under the covered area on the deck so we’ll at least have that if needed.

Tonight I’m sure Donna and I going to rehash our Italian vacation……I can’t believe it was only a month ago that we were there… seems like it was months ago now.  So I’ll just relive it through more pictures…….

Our “Mixology Class”.  Preparing these drinks is very serious business…..mine was an amoretto/orange drink of some sort……I can’t recall the name of it but it included some of the orange marmalade that the area is known for.  He stressed that the shaking was the most important part……you’re supposed to shake and make circles at the same time….a bit of challenge for someone uncoordinated like me!!  But at the end of it all my drink was delicious and except for perhaps shaking it properly, I can make this one at home!

Another day of cooking…..the fish was absolutely delicious and I learned how to easily de-bone it…..I hate bones in fish!!!  Cooked so simply on a bed of veggies, with a few more thrown on top!  Hand made cannelloni, some sort of tortilla thing, wine with peaches in it (the peaches are skewered so you can easily get them out when the wine is gone…) and tiramisu to finish off our lunch.

It was such a good vacation!!



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