Busy Weekend!

Exhausting but lots of fun!

The grandkids were here for two nights….very thankful that my daughter was here!  I’m not sure I could have kept my cool the whole weekend if I’d been by myself.  It’s hard for one person that’s been out of the kid loop for a good many years.  They’re pretty independent now but you still want to give them as much attention as you can….something that works much better when there are more than just you!!

I love them dearly but the noise can start to get to me.  Overall they were really good and we had lots of fun.  They especially enjoyed dinner at my brothers.  The weather was pretty good too so luckily lots of outside time on Saturday……raking leaves!!

I’m not quite back to normal though…..babysitting today at their house.  My DIL has started her new job….only one day a week…..as an Outreach program leader.  It’s pre/post natal care for young “at risk” Moms.  This is right up her alley and what she went to school for….a rather thankless job these days as a social worker.   She enjoys this much more than the work she did for the Canadian Mental Health Assoc, which was mainly dealing with developmently disabled adults.  It’s a foot in the door for her….something that is hard to get these days with all the government cut backs etc…..one day a week right now is perfect until the 3 year old is in school in a couple of years.  The program has funding for at least one year and will hopefully get more the following one.

I won’t enjoy having to drop them off and pick them up from school and in between that getting Kallie to/from preschool.  It’s the driving and getting them in and out of the car seats.  The driving is always a bit of worry….not that I’m not a good driver but having all the kids in the car two or three times a day does cause me some concern…..that “what if” thing.  But I’ll survive!  And I can again make an attempt at helping to get their place half-assed cleaned up a bit while I’m there……

Tomorrow I’ll be back to normal I hope!



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