Fun-Filled Long Weekend….

I hope!  It’s Thanksgiving this weekend.  Looking forward to turkey dinner at my brothers tomorrow….always good and always lots of food!

I’m also babysitting all weekend!!  The grandkids will arrive shortly for what I hope will be a weekend full of fun.  Their parents are off to a wedding in the city….my son is in the wedding party so the fun, for them, starts tonight with the rehearsal and a dinner, then tomorrow night the wedding.  A bunch of them are all staying at the same hotel so I’m sure they’ll have a great time….especially without the kids.  That doesn’t happen too often for them.

It’ll be interesting tomorrow night for dinner…..I’ve never taken all 3 of them out like this.  My plan is an early night tonight so they can stay up later tomorrow night…we’ll see how that goes!!  I’ll pack their jammies so than can get ready for bed at some point in the evening and then if they fall asleep there, or on the way home, it’ll make it easier to get them into bed.  My daughter will be there too so it’s not like I’m totally on my own.  Friends of my brothers will be there too with their brand new baby granddaughter so lots of people, kids and fun.

I hope it doesn’t rain all weekend but it’s not looking too good.  And it’s cold!  Or at least cold by my standards.




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