Happy Birthday Ken!


one of my fav pictures! He loved his cars 🙂

He IS 66 today!  Because he is somewhere…..right?   The mustang is a 66….would he have taken it out for a spin?

I love him and miss him every day…..I can’t believe it’s been over 2 years already.  Where does the time go?

We will celebrate it….I know he’s with us in our hearts and thoughts.  I think we’ll have steak….maybe tenderloin, that was his fav, and lobster too….  It’s not really a BBQ day but that’s OK ……

I would have gotten him his bag of pistachios….maybe I’ll pick up some of those today.   Every year he got a big bag of them…..he’d stash them away in his snack box that was next to the recliner.

I wish he were here with all my heart to celebrate with us.  Today is a good day though, not a day for sad thoughts but a day for good memories….lots of good memories.

Yes, lots and lots of good memories…..




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