Plan For The Day!

Laundry!!  How exciting is that?

I had planned on going out but the weather isn’t the best so just a good day to stay in and get all my laundry finished and the damn ironing board put away…..for at least another week.

My freezers are full so will dig through there looking for something for dinner…..I was going to go grocery shopping but why bother when I’ve got all this food here.  I still struggle with grocery shopping….I either buy way too much of something or I “stock” up and put stuff in the freezer…..then never use it!!  Ah well….winter is here (to me!!) and I’m determined to use up all the freezer food….and of course I have big plans to make some pasta….and bread….we’ll just see how that all pans out!!

I’m also going to start….once the laundry is done….on closets.  One a week or something like that….or maybe even one shelf a week.  I tend to over plan and then get none of it done so keeping the expectation of my accomplishments rather low means I might actually get it done.  I think maybe retirement mode is kicking in finally…..

I still have a few more “man jobs” to do or to get someone to do.  I keep putting those off which is dumb because they have to be done…..gutters, calling the insurance company to have my car dent fixed, baseboards in the family room….just to name a few…..and who else is going to do them??  Tomorrow…..yes, tomorrow.

More holiday pics….

If I win the lottery, I would love to do one of these private yacht charters…..all you need is a few hundred thousand for a week or so….but it comes fully staffed, so what a deal (??)  Notice all the water toys that just pop out of the back of the boat…..hard to see but there is also a table with an umbrella on that bit that flips out!!

Some of the dramatic Isle of Capri coastline……just beautiful from the water.

The Faraglioni rocks….going thru the arch….didn’t see any of the famous blue lizards 😦

Here is a link to some tourist info for Capri.  It is incredibly touristy but it is a gorgeous place….and like I said before, once all the day trippers go back to the mainland I’m sure it is a glorious place to be!  If anyone goes to southern Italy, it’s definitely worth a trip over…..even if you are just one of those day trippers.



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