Not Much Accomplished

A little bit here and a little bit there…..just so not focused on any one thing.  I’m feeling very easily overwhelmed by whatever it is I want, or need, to do.  There isn’t really that much….mostly just tidying up but I seem to be making more of a mess as I go along……

But oh well…..that is just how I feel right now.  Is it because summer is over?  The weather hasn’t been that bad so I can’t blame those rainy, grey days for my funkiness. Post vacation depression?  The worst part is that this is how I feel right now….at this moment but an hour from now all is good, or at least better…this just isn’t like me.

I need to get over this….it is driving me a little crazy.  Today I really need to get my act together and get something accomplished….I know I feel so much better when I do.

For now though a few more pics… was such a good trip.

These are still from the chairlift ride…..the views were pretty spectacular. The lift went up over houses and gardens and a little vineyard or two….a lot of terracing to deal with the steep hills.

Still from Capri……it is a truly lovely island.  Would be great to spend a day or two there…especially in the evening when all the mainland and cruiseship day trippers are gone…..

Maybe I need to get more into planning for the trip next year……



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