Oh What A Beautiful Morning….

It really is…..the sun is shining, it’s relatively warm, lots of birdies at the feeder including the flickers!  But it’s time to get the deck all cleared off for the winter.  The umbrella goes away, the table has to be taken apart to store, cushions put away and the last of the summer potted plants into the green bin.

Fall is just not my favorite time of year.  I love the spring and summer…..a lot especially if we have great weather.  This time of year is the end of all that….the end of sitting outside, BBQs are far and few between, the bright, pretty flowers are finished, the beginning of the cooler weather, rain and wind and around here generally pretty dull and grey.  September is usually not too bad and we’ve been known to have the odd almost hot and sunny Thanksgiving (CDN) weekend.  I absolutely hate Halloween!!  Except for the left over candy….

It’s a lot of work to stay “up” for me…..even before!  Maybe a little bit of post vacation depression???  I still have tons of inside stuff to keep me busy which is good so I just have to keep the lists going to stay focused on getting them done.  Closets to clean out, drawers, that garage room in the basement to pick away at and of course regaining control of the garage itself.  I’ll do what I can outside as long as the weather cooperates.

But for the next couple of days I’m just going to have a good time at my friends place and not worry about any of that……procrastination at it’s best!!

More holiday pics…….one of our dinner feasts.  Fresh fish (sea bream and Lomboca (???)), homemade herbed fetticini with fresh baby clams and other seafood, stuffed zucchini flowers and two different kinds of ravioli and wine of course!  And limoncello after.


Almost everyday lunch and dinner was like this……thank goodness for all the walking we did!




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