There really is no place like home!  So nice to sleep in my own bed last night.

The trip was great….good food, good wine and good company.  All the people in our group were lots of fun and really all very nice. Only one lady that had a few moments where a few of us wanted to clobber her and the husband that could be a bit of a know it all at times but still fun.  And of course Rome…..what is there not to like at it??  Other than perhaps the crowds…..I’m sure way more people than I’ve ever seen there.  We thought that maybe more people were traveling to Italy than to France or the other countries where there have been some issues the last year or so…..don’t know.

But coming home is good.

No other trips planned until next spring, which is OK because there is still a lot of stuff around here to do and those fall trips somehow always seem to end up being a little too close to Christmas.  Now of course if some incredibly hot deal to some place exciting should come up and I find someone to go with……I’d be off in a second.

The good thing about getting home last night was that it was pretty much bedtime when I walked in the door!  Did a little unpacking, showered and hit the sheets by 10:30.  I took a gravol which meant that I got a good nights sleep.  Up around 7:30 this morning so pretty much back on my somewhat normal schedule to start with.  I’m sure at some point this afternoon I’ll have a bit of crash, which is OK too…..I’ll just have a little nap.

I do so much miss traveling with Ken!  I’m lucky that I have some good friend to travel with but there really isn’t anything like taking a trip like this with your husband.  Going to places we’d been was such a mix of good memories and sadness….a couple of times those tears came along.  I’m not sure he would have been into the cooking class part but I know he would have enjoyed the rest of things we did.  I guess it just takes time…….

I’ll get a few more pictures posted over the next few days…..just so many!  I said I wasn’t going to take pictures of things that I already had but as usual I did…..oh well.




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