I Love Italy!

We’re in Rome now and have a great internet connection so hope to get some pics posted sooner than later.

Our trip has been fantastic so far……how can it not be here!!

The cooking classes as Villa Pane were great, those and everything else that went along with it such as our trip to Capri, the sunset cruise etc.

The villa was tucked up in the hills overlooking Sorrento and the Bay of Napoli.  Other than a couple of power poles/lines our view was pretty spectacular.


very early morning from our terrace


There were 7 of us all together.  All great people, which was really nice.

Two of the women were widows so we had some good and interesting conversations…..one for 6 years the other for 4.  Both of them were a little older than me but had been married for a long time too.

The food was very good……and believe me there was a lot of it to eat.  Annamaria, the owner, was wonderful always making sure everyone had everything they could have possibly wanted or needed.  The routine varied each day but we usually did our prep and cooking in the morning.  We’d have some of it for lunch and some for dinner.  On the nights we ate in some of her family often joined us making it all even more fun.

Just a great trip so far……weatherwise, other than a spectacular thunder/lightening storm our last night, it’s been perfect.

I found many places along the Amalfi coast that Ken and I had visited on our last trip.  I felt a little melancholy at first but the remembered we’d had such a good time.  I was the only one that had been there before so was happy to share what I knew and when on Capri, places we’d gone too.  There is a chairlift thing up in Anacapri that takes you up even further…….I do not like those things and didn’t go on it before.  Ken and his brother did and said the views were incredible.  My SIL and I went shopping and visited the the beautiful gardens.  This time I DID go on that chairlift!!!  It was pretty exciting for me at the beginning but once I opened my eyes it was truly incredibly beautiful.

No specific plans for us today……just to wander and take in all the sights and sounds of Rome.  It’s such an amazing city…….every little alley and street has at least one or more restaurants, cars, motorcycles, scooters, dogs and of course a ton of people…..I believe this is the city that never sleeps!!  Or stops eating!!!!

More pics to come soon I hope.



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