I’m Home!

Safe and sound.  A lot of driving but it was a pretty good trip.

The company was good and having a nice visit with Bonny was great.

No bears though.  A couple of deer and a few mountain sheep/goats and that was about it for wildlife.

The weather certainly could have been a little more cooperative but other than a few patches of rain here and there…..mostly through the scenic mountain part….I can’t complain too much.

Would I do it again…..I’m not sure.  I did enjoy parts of it…..certainly the stops at wineries…and seeing new places.  It’s definitely not the same as road trips in the old days.  I never really appreciated how the driver felt until now.  We did stop a lot back then and on this trip too but now I do know how tiring it can be.  I think I would be up to another road trip but maybe somewhere south….New Mexico has always been on my bucket list.  Maybe next year.

Back home to my busy-ness…..today is a little crazy but the rest of the week is good.  Drywall patching and painting will start in the kitchen tomorrow….after we pick up the granite.  Today, before lunch with my old girlfriend Linda, I have to head to Home Depot to pick out paint and pick up a few other things.  Golf later at 4!  It’s all good though because I had a great sleep last night so I’m ready to get right back into it!



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