No Bears

Yet!  We have seen deer. …the same one twice at a winery.

I am having a really good time!

We’ve made quite a few stops along the way to break it up and the weather has been great.

Oliver was great.  The motel was excellent… of  those old fashioned motor inn type places but redone inside with nice comfy beds, a big bathroom and a big fridge!

Last night and tonight we’re just outside of Revelstoke at the Three Valley Gap lodge.  Nice place but not somewhere I’d stay again.  Not the most friendly of staff…..some are but others very abrupt….lots of bus tours stop here.

The scenery is pretty incredible.  Tomorrow we will head through the Rockies and on to Calgary…..I’m hoping to get there no later than 3ish but I completely forgot about the time change… we’ll see.

Have some good pics but can’t seem to post them…..that satellite wifi is lost in space most of the time.

All is good though…….this will hopefully teach me to not get so anxious over some things…..

She really is quite good company and when i think of all that she has gone through and is going through, I think she’s really pretty amazing…..incredibly strong and has stayed very positive.  I’m not sure I would be able to deal with what she’s dealing with!  Big kudos to her!

Off  to explore a bit around here today and into Revelstoke to stock up on snacks etc.




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