I’m Off!

A little later than planned but I AM off!  Forgot it was green bin/recycle day so had to race around collecting all the old food stuff out of the fridge and freezer….don’t want that lurking around for a week!

I will have a good time…..I don’t have a choice so will make the best of it.

The weather doesn’t look like it’s going to cooperate either….but I’m kind of getting used to that after the summer, such as it was, that we had.  I’m packing a coat….argh.

I’m thinking positive thoughts as I head out the door….happy positive thoughts…really 🙂

Golfing was lots of fun yesterday.  My brother joined us so an even better day.  The course was really nice, lots of water so lots of lost balls.  One of the highlights was find the huge bear paw tracks in a sand trap!!  I didn’t have my phone with me to take a picture…..but they were BIG!!  and pretty new…only his prints and mine in that trap!  A good dinner after and then home to pack.

Calgary, here we come!




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