Packing…After Golf!

I probably should not be going golfing today….a little bit of me was even hoping for rain so I could use that as an excuse to not go…..but I hate to miss golfing and especially today because I’m going with my son!

We don’t go very often, maybe once every couple of years we manage a game and my brother is joining us too which will make for a fun day.  We’re doing “twilight” (2:30PM) so I’ll have all morning to do whatever needs doing around here.

Not much has gotten accomplished the last few days.  That funky mood and a bit of a migraine headache (weather change??) hasn’t helped.  I did manage to get some stuff done yesterday…..I’ll at least have clean clothes to pack but that is about it.

I’m still beating myself up a little over this Calgary trip….but it is what it is and no use whining about it.  It’s a lesson learned…..I will do things for me or at least things that I like or want to do.  I’ll definitely make the best of it and I know I’ll enjoy part of the drive through the Rockies….they’re pretty magnificent and of course my long and much awaited visit with Bonny!  But just such bad timing for me.  When my exSIL was no longer going to move there…..I should have just said “no…I’ll fly out for the weekend” but I didn’t.  She wanted to still drive there and somehow 4 days morphed into 6.  How did I let that happen?  I know part of it was because I would feel guilty…..this might be her last trip and all that.

I feel terrible for feeling terrible about it…….that just doesn’t seem right but I can’t help it!





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