We decided at least that last night!  Exactly where though we’re not sure yet.  My theory is to stay as far south as possible for the weather.  We’re talking about going May/June, no specific dates yet.  There are no guarantees of course what the weather will be like but your chances of having more sun than rain are much better in the south of France.

Potentially one other couple could join us now, so back to “4” couples….or 3 couples and ME!  My friend Connie said she may be interested, which would be nice but if not I’m fine.

Dinner was great!  This porchetta turned out better than the one the other night but it was still a little dry to me….everyone had seconds so maybe it’s just my taste buds.  Rae did appies and huge dish of roasted veggies, Brenda did a cold French potato salad, which was so light and delicious.  Lots of leftovers which I made everyone take home since I’m not going to be here.


Stuffed and ready to go in the oven. I forgot to take a pic after!! Basted in a mix of olive oil, pinot grigio and garlic!

A shower today for Bev’s daughter that just had the baby…..she’s having it for mostly family.  I’m going to head over a little earlier to see what I can help her with.

Then I HAVE TO GET MY OIL CHANGED!!  I’ve somehow managed to not get that done over the last week and now I’m running out of time.  In the back of my mind I still think that this is what Ken should be doing while I’m at that shower……

And laundry.  Not sure why but regardless of how long I’m going away for I have this need to get my laundry done….there is usually something in that pile of clothes that I want to take with me and having it all done makes packing a lot easier….as opposed to getting half packed only to find that tee shirt or pair of capris are at the bottom of the dirty laundry basket!!

I have lots to do but now that we’ve narrowed down our vacation to a country…..I want to spend hours online looking for places to rent for a month.  This is not good and really have to make myself get up and get cracking with everything else I have to do.

The weather has changed, overnight!  Yesterday was incredibly hot but made sitting outside until midnight very comfortable….no sweaters in site!  This morning it’s cloudy and looks like it could rain.  But it’s not cold, so that’s a good thing.




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