Good Dinner!

The porchetta turned out pretty good….a little dry to me but Connie really enjoyed it and took the leftovers home with her.  Completely forgot to take pictures. Making ANOTHER one for dinner tonight….on a bigger scale for more people.  I hope it turns out good too.

I haven’t done anything around the house or yard……too hot and just too darn busy.

Kind of in one of those moods these days…..not really a funk type mood but I seem to spend a lot of time pondering things.  Not stressing, maybe a little “fretting” over this Calgary trip, just thinking.  A mishmash of stuff….things I want to do, places I want to go, how it takes FOREVER to get stuff done by yourself, what I need to get ready for my next trip….it just seems to be going on.  Kind of like those nights when you wake up overwhelmed by everything that is going through your head, but not quite with the same amount of anxiety.

Maybe it’s that “unsettled” thing.  I’m happy but I’m not!!  Probably doesn’t make a lot of sense.  I wonder if this is still “grief”?  And why now?  I’m busy, which I like but need to spread my busy-ness out a little more.  Just not sure.  I don’t think I’ve found my “new normal” yet.

I didn’t get my car in for detailing yesterday because I spent so much time in the grocery store…..sort of a comedy of errors type thing.  Should have been in there 5 or 10 minutes at most but ended up taking an hour and half!!  The highlite might have been the lady in front of me at the checkout trying to bag her groceries with gardening gloves on!!!!  And this wasn’t even at Walmart!!

Back at the car all I could do was laugh….to myself.  If, if, if…….the car could have been detailed, I would have been at home doing something…..if, if, if.

Definitely need to snap out of this….and I will hopefully sooner than later today because I’m really looking forward to dinner tonight and the trip planning we’re going to do…..and the food and the wine of course!




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