Great Couple of Days

Lots of food, wine, yakking and all that goes with a visit up there.  This time even included driving the lawnmower…

The ferry ride over was good and the one back even better because we were treated to a pod of orcas.  That whole area is pretty spectacular at any time of the year but summer is really the best to me.

I think Bev had a pretty good time too!

Today my friend Connie (from work/trips…..two cooking school ones!) is coming for dinner and a sleepover.  She’s arriving early so we can start cooking!  I’m going to get everything to make a “porchetta”, for our version of one….for the real Italian one we’d need a suckling pig….using a pork loin that is butterflied, stuffed with sausage and herbs and wrapped in pancetta.  This is what it should look like!!


I’ve made it a few times before and it’s turned out really good.  We had the real version in Italy on market days…..usually a big slice or two served on a crusty roll.  The crackling on it the best part but not something that’s easy to get hold of around here so the pancetta or even bacon has to do.

Tomorrow I have to get my car in for detailing and an oil change for the Calgary trip and get all the goodies for dinner on Friday with the friends that are planning the month long trip somewhere next year….we’re each making a dish from a different country.  I might make another porchetta since I’m doing Italian!

Have to fit in Bard on Beach (The Merry Wives of Windsor) one night too before I leave for Italy…..I think I have the 7th of September free!!   It’s this Calgary trip that is throwing my life off… glad I’m finally going to get to share that glass of wine with Bonny….but why I ever agreed to do this road trip, still has me shaking my head!  Maybe I am more compassionate than I though….

Ah well….lots to do!







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