Off Again

For 3 fun filled nights with some of my “besties”.

The weather is great which makes the short ferry trip over wonderful.  Whales have been spotted in the strait so maybe we’ll get lucky and see a few too.

Yesterday was a busy day.  Picking up things and getting my hair cut….argh.   New hairdresser so not quite right yet but we’ll get it eventually.  Last night in the restaurant a lady next to us had the perfect style… that my hair won’t quite ever be like but the cut was right and I can work wonders….sometimes…with my pokey rolly brush.  We were all leaving at the same time so I asked her if I could take a picture of the back of her head!!  She laughed and said I wasn’t the first person to ask her that.  I just hope my hair grows enough in the next couple of weeks to have a “repair” job done before I leave for Italy.

Getting the hang of this going away business and now have a toiletry bag that is always packed and ready to go…..duplicates of everything, hair products in smaller containers, toothbrush/paste, cream, deodorant etc.  Definitely handy and save time too….I just have to remember to refill /replace things in it as they get used up.

Packing for one is much easier…….




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