It’s Good For My Arms….

That is what I told myself yesterday…..often!

First the landscape place delivers my pavers…..they were on a palate on the back of the truck but no lift thingie to take the palate off!!  The guy started stacking them on the side of the truck, 2 at a time so I started to move them inside the gate.  I really did think he would have been a little quicker than he was which meant that I was pretty much keeping up with his piling of pavers.  I was only 4 piles behind him by the time he had finished, at which point he started helping me pile them up in the yard.  I took the two at a time, which I’m assuming was probably close to 50lbs a pop.

I did start working on the walkway, doing more leveling, raking, digging etc. but by 10:30 it was sooooo hot I had to stop.  The sun went behind the big maple around 2 so I was back out there and worked until after 7 last night.  I know I didn’t lift all those things correctly and can feel it today but I did manage to get almost half of it done, only reorganizing the pavers once along the way.  They said they weigh approximately 25lbs each and I believe it!!  I can heft a 20kl back of kitty litter so figured this was going to be easy peasy.  Yes and no….if I only had a few of them it would have been but I figure I moved all 70 of them just about twice yesterday.  I’m not sure when I’ll get it finished though, so much going on over the next few days.  Definitely before I leave for Calgary….I hope!


it’s a little wibbly but I carefully measured to make sure each stone was 25″ from the wall for that first row….the second is 38″. The load of topsoil will get them level with the ground.


Only this many more to go!! I think I’ve under estimated how many I need…argh.

Today I won’t be working on it…..too hot and too many other things to do.  Bev and I are going to the Sunshine Coast for a few days to visit N & S.  I’m really looking forward to this little mini vacay.  Bev has not been away for years, so I’m excited to be going with her.  I know we’ll have a great time and it looks like we’re going to have awesome weather the entire 3/4 days.

I’m also still planning this Calgary trip and to save some money have offered by exSIL some options for hotels.  I hope she gets back to me today because everything is booking up pretty quickly for the long weekend.  She wanted us to have our own rooms, but at almost $200 a night for one place, that just isn’t going to happen.  I did find some at $79 a night…..I don’t need big and fancy but I do want something with more then a 5.6 rating on trip advisor!!




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