Walkway Day


The dustbowl at the side of the garage…..I still need to dig or rake down another inch or two

That is my plan….all day!!

Yesterday I went to get my 1×2 pavers…..of course they didn’t have them!  I knew I should have gotten then weeks ago when I was there but oh well….that is just how things go.

I talked to the guy and he suggested the 1×1’s instead.  Since I’m going a very “rustic-ish” walkway there is a good chance that over the next few months and through winter the stones would settle and move around a bit….much easier to deal with reorganizing 1×1’s that 1×2’s….fair enough.  For $69 I decided to have them delivered.   I would have had to make two trips, the second only after I’d unloaded the first.  I will save my back for that price.  They should be here sometime this morning.


I had a bear!!  I didn’t see him but pretty obvious that he was in my backyard at some point over the last few nights.  I’d been pretty busy over the weekend and hadn’t been out there to water the new grass, which is pretty much dead grass now, and thought maybe the kids had been digging out there or maybe a mole….sort of a mound.  I started to hose it away and noticed the cherry pits….tons of them!  I don’t have a cherry tree (yet!).  He had to have climbed over the fence to get in the yard….so very glad I had the new ones done because that old one would not have held a bear.  That’s the first sign of one this year.  Everyone is very good about keeping their garbage and green bins inside or locked up so very slim pickings around our neighbourhood for them.

I’m hoping I can finish getting the side yard ready for these pavers and at least get started putting them down.  My time is tight over the next couple of weeks so really have to stick with getting this done.  I have to get that side of the garage painted before winter or when the rain starts in the fall.  I’d like to have a guy out before I leave for Italy but that might be pushing it a little too much.  That’s 3 weeks away but I’ve got two mini vacays using up some of those days…..really just how long can it take to put down 70 or so paving stones???  We’ll see!



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