No Sleepover :(

For my grandson….which is too bad but OK.  He has summer camp in the morning and a special play-date this afternoon.  If I didn’t see them all the time I probably wouldn’t be too happy.  We’ll get one in soon enough.

So much fun golfing yesterday!  We did not do very well, losing soooo many balls.  No water on this course but mega gullies.  Managed to actually get over them thinking my ball was good, then once on the other side, absolutely no sign of the ball!!  Lots of hills, so lots of rolling happened and in these cases, probably right back into the damn gully.  We came across a man in a cart that seemed to be looking for lost golf balls…not sure if he worked for the course or what…..but he handed us a dozen or so to replace all the lost ones.  We thanked him and he laughed, saying we’d more than likely need them before we were finished.  And right he was!!

This course is way up the local mountain in the bush…..lots of bear sighting signs on all the paths.  We didn’t see any but did see a deer or two.  It’s a 12 hole course!!  Perfect for a late afternoon start, which is what we did yesterday.  One day we may get good enough to play on the big course…..and rich enough!!

I still have Ken’s golf clubs.  I should probably sell them.  They’re fairly good and only used a handful of times.  Maybe one day I’ll get around to doing that…….

Today I’m off to get those damn paving stones.  I think I’ll probably have to make two trips.  My truck, according to the little book, will hold up to 1200lbs.  If I need about 30 of them, each at around 50lbs. that will put me over the limit.  Not terribly convenient, the place is only a few minutes away, but I’ll have to unload the first bunch before I can go and get the rest…..not a speedy process for one person.  At least I should have nice toned arms by the end of this project!

I’m hoping to get the kitchen all cleaned up so I can take some “after” pics.  The new granite isn’t here yet but even with out that, it looks so nice.  I just love it!





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