A Good Time!

What a fun filled couple of days!

Friday night was lots of fun.  A great dinner, good wine amd lots of laughter…..it really is the best medicine.  I’m glad I had decided to stay over…..I think wine makes you laugh….A LOT.

The leather couch was not the comfiest and it was pretty warm in the house but I did manage to get some sleep…..

Our day started with a trip to a neat little historic street with lots of cutsie shops that sell anything and everything.  The weather was great…..maybe even a little too hot for me.

Lunch at a great little tea house, more shopping, a stop at a winery for a tasting…and buying and then back to R & G’s for happy hour and dinner.  All in all a great day.


Cute cafe/tea house….great lunch

My happy hour ended before dinner though because I had to drive home 😦   They wanted me to stay again but I really did need to get a better sleep AND get home to put mykitchen back together.

It looks so nice…..so, so happy with it.  I was up until 1AM putting things away.  Trying so despaerately to not just put all the same stuff back where it was.  I have now filled the give away box.  I’ll finish this morning.

Today is the CDS happy hour…..which thankfully is right across the street so I can enjoy a glass or two.



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