So Much Fun Yesterday

My cheeks hurt from laughing…..and a lot of cursing.  Our golf game was definitely not good but that really doesn’t matter as long as we laughed and had a good time.  We did keep score, sort of, allowing for a few freebies when balls went swimming or didn’t reappear after hitting a tree or two.

The golf course is beautiful and the views of the surrounding mountains stunning and they have a great little restaurant where we ended our afternoon.

I have a busy weekend….one of those “why have I done this” things……

The kitchen isnt’ quite finished so I haven’t been able to put most of the stuff away yet…argh.  BUT it looks amazing.


All the drawers need some tweeking so they close more easily…..I can’t put anything back until that happens!!

Bev and I are off for pedicures this morning….much needed for me.  Considering I’d never had one until a few months ago because I really don’t, or didn’t, like people touching my feet…I’ve now had 3 and think I’ll just being doing this at least once a month.

After pedis I’ve got to stop by the granite place and confirm the piece that they’re using.  It will be ready for pick up one day next week.

Then heading to my friend Rae’s for dinner and a sleepover… hour and a bit drive away… I can have a good time which includes a few glasses of wine.  Our friends N &S will be there too on a 2 night stopover on their way back home.  They will then stay at my place again on Sunday night because of the CDS “Happy Hour” in the afternoon.   R wanted me to stay both tonight and tomorrow night at her place but I just can’t……I have to get my kitchen back together and Saturday afternoon/night is looking like the only time I’m going to have to do that.  I’m really hoping Justin gets it finished this morning so I can start working on it before I leave for Rae’s this afternoon.

The weather has been terrific the last couple of days and is looking good for at least the next week or so……that makes me so happy!!!  I think I’ll have some time next week to get my pavers and finally get going on that walkway.

I guess busy is good but I think I sometimes take it a little too far.  Although this “busy” was kind of out of my control because of the kitchen.  If it’s still a mess when N & S get here on Sunday, so be it!  I’m not going to worry about it….it’s not like they haven’t seen my house at it’s worst before!!



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