Anxiety…..and Golf

Not the golf, although that too can cause anxiety…..but the good kind!

I spent the day helping my granddaughter organize her room.  It needed a lot of work but she was super a little trooper and stuck with it all day.  Even after dinner she wanted to get back at putting her clothes away.  I did NOT do all the work.  I gave her some suggestions……like starting in one corner and working our way around the room.  Mom got us some laundry baskets to fill……one with Barbie and Monster High stuff, another for stuffed animals and another for give away.  That took most of the morning.  Cleaning shelves, sorting thru books…..just so much.  We then went thru all the baskets…..and made new smaller ones for just Barbie stuff with the little accessories going into baggies….same for the monster high stuff and so on.  She was so good about the give away stuff….I left it all up to her.

Part of the problem is that she shares the room with her little sister.  So we tried to explain to the little one that the shelves and dresser “over here” is Cadences and she shouldn’t just play with or take stuff.  We’ll see how that goes…..her side is next!

The place is a litttle better but OMG….just so much to do there it overwhelms me.  My DIL did do some stuff too so that was good.  I really have to bite my tongue because I know having a hissy fit will not make things any better.  She did get a professional organizer in a few weeks ago which did help somewhat….she has made progress in the kitchen but……but…..but…….  I’ve offered to pay for a day (not bloody cheap!) of the organizer with a “but” to go with that… needs to be kept up.  I know, I know……

Yesterday was there recycle day……but nothing had been put out!!  My tongue was almost bloody bleeding!!!!!

It just kills me when I’m there and I feel totally helpless even doing what I do do!  I came home and that is all I could think about… took me a long time to fall asleep last night.   That is not good anxiety.

The kitchen i just about finished.  After golf today I can finally start to put everything back somewhere.  The glass doors look amazing.  I’m so glad I chose that glass…..goes perfectly with the handles.

Today though, the sun is shining and I’m going golfing!  You really can’t have a day much better than that!




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