A Surprise Visit!

Not normally something that is a good thing at my house simply because you never know what state of mess it might be in BUT…..this time, other than the kitchen chaos all was good.

My friends from the Sunshine coast were on there way up to the Okanagan and missed a ferry, then got stuck in traffic and who knows what else.  They ended up being about 4 or 5 hours behind their original schedule and just too late to make the 4 or 5 hour drive to their destination.

I was at the vets with the cat when she called…..the call was garbled because they were on the mountainous part of the highway.  All I heard was cursing and swearing but did make out the part about staying at my house!!

It all worked out and turned into a fun evening which included going out for pizza since cooking is just not possible quite yet in my kitchen.  Shirl and I made up for lost time with our wine!

They were off bright and early this morning hoping to make it to Kelowna by lunch time….hmmm.

Today should be the last day of kitchen work….hooray!  The granite won’t be ready for another week.  Not sure about the glass for the cabinets….maybe early next week.  But everything can be put away so I’ll get my dining room back.

I’m off to my kids place to help my granddaughter organize her room.  They are making a lot of progress which makes me happy.  I’ll see today just how much.  She had a professional organizer come in a couple of weeks ago, which she said did help her get started….keeping it up will be her challenge!

The sun is back out this morning and if the weather forecast is accurate we’re finally in for a nice little run of summer weather.  I really hope so because I feel like I’ve been ripped off for summer.



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