A Sick Day

That is what Sunday turned out to be.  Some sort of a tummy bug……and the not sleeping business didn’t help either.

I spent most of the day on the couch watching the Olympics.  Finally around 9PM I felt better and had a little energy burst so did manage to get some stuff sorted out and get a few more things down into the garage to go off to Value Village.  A deep fryer and the food processor…..gone.  It’s still pretty hard to imagine ALL the stuff on my dining room table getting put away, but it will.  The bottom cupboards are ready to be loaded back up so I’ll get that done this morning.  He should have the drawers in the new cabinet and my new corner cabinet (hard to explain that one….) done by this afternoon.

A busy week for me…..last week I was a little bored, not because of a lack of things to do, but because there was nothing I really wanted to do….now this week is insanely busy.

Yesterday and the day before turned into quite nice days….some sun and no rain, which was nice.  This morning is a different story…..miserable, grey, raining and just plain old not nice.  I can’t let that stop me though…..this mess is starting to drive me a little crazy.  I can’t even complain that there is “just me” to do this because getting all the stuff reorganized in the cupboards and drawers isn’t something Ken would have done anyway…..kind of like when he and the kids would empty the dishwasher….always….always there were bowls and/or utensils of some sort left on the counter for me to put away because they didn’t know where they went!!!  How can people live in the same house for so long, use this stuff all the time and not know where it was supposed to go???

On top of all that I have to do, this coming Sunday is our CDS get together.  No big BBQ like we usually have.  My friend Shirl was usually the main organizer….she’s moved so it was left up the to the rest of us.  Obviously we didn’t do a very good job of it.  If I hadn’t had all my little projects going on I would have taken on the task.  Another neighbor had said she was going to do it, so kind of left it up to her.  This year will be just a “Happy Hour” in their driveway.  We have 2 new neighbours who we’ve all only very casually met or waved at as they go by so this is a good ice breaker to finally meet everyone.  The CDS oldies will be here too…..including N & S who will be staying over night at my place!  Definitely a bit of cleaning required around here for that!!

It makes me a little sad…..no, a lot sad……that the whole dynamic of the CDS has changed so much over the last couple of years.  It’s not bad by any means but just so different now.  That’s just how things go over time and I have to suck it up.  I really miss those old neighbours/friends being so close….we used to do a lot of impromptu things which were always a lot of fun.

No time for whining today so I won’t!!  I’ve got a lot of work to do around here.  Thankfully Justin is a pretty neat and tidy worker so minimal mess….even the dust and bits of material etc. are taken care of before he leaves at the end of the day…at least in the kitchen.  That said, all that dust seems to work it’s way right through the house but no point in doing to much about it until he’s finished, which should be today.

I am NOT having the granite people install that counter…..they wanted $300+ to do that!!  J said we could do it, no problem.  I’m hopefully that him and I can lift the piece ourselves, if not I may have to get my son to come by and help get it up the stairs.  It can’t possibly weigh that much, can it?  I guess we’ll see next week!  I just hate to drag Justin away from whatever it is he’ll be working on then.




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