Kitchen Reno In Progess!

The only thing I had to empty wasthat big shelf, the drawers and a little corner cabinet……and it’s just about all on my diningroom table!


Wow….way too much stuff! At least I got ONE box of give away out of it and my food processor and deep fryer, neither used for years and likely not going to be…..

Yesterday the first thing was getting the old cabinet doors off.  He had that done in no time.  I loaded them into my car and took them, right away (because they would have sat here forever in my garage….), to the Habitat For Humanity Restore Centre.  They will take stuff like this to be sold.  The doors and drawer fronts were still really in good condition so a shame to just chuck if there is still a use for them somewhere.  Bev came with me on this adventure……

THe rest of the day was spent puddling around in the garage and cleaning our the cabinets in the laundry room.  I moved that shelf from the kitchen to the garage, replacing a smaller wooden shelf… much more room now.  I reorganized all the shelving….moving all the car parts, yet again but now have leftover space on the shelves!!!  Definitely will not be used for more car parts!!  The rest of the garage is still full and a mess (daughters stuff!!) and like an obstacle course….but that will get dealt with sooner than later I hope.

Today I’m off to Childrens Hospital with my granddaughter for her monthly IV of the biologic drug she’s on for her arthritis (JIA).  It’s a real summer day so we may head down to the beach for fish and chips after.  My daughter is coming with us so we should have a fun “girls” day.  But her appointment is at 9 and it’s an hour and a half drive from here……so an early start to the day.



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