No Fooling Around Today!

Kitchen is starting tomorrow…..hooray!  I’ve had days….weeks…to get shelving, cupboards and drawers cleaned out but have done nothing.  So today I will get it all done….it’s that deadline thing.  Nothing like leaving it to the last minute but at least I can stay focused on one thing.

My outside work has come to a grinding halt anyway because of the weather…..a few days of summer and now we’re back to that spring or fall type weather.  This is OK, my back and shoulders can use a bit of rest.

My latest decision dilemma is deciding on what kind of glass to get for the 5 cupboard doors that I’m having done that way.  I did pick one called pine reed, which is rather plain and the design would kind of hide messy cupboards but still be rather clear….????  Now, after looking at the glass website, I’m second guessing that decision and may just go with the plain glass….really can’t go wrong with that and I then have no choice but to keep my cupboards looking neat and tidy….this could also require a shopping trip to get some nice, matching dishes!  I haven’t called him to change the glass yet… daughter thinks I should live a little….step out of that box…..move out of my comfort zone…..etc. and stick with what I picked.  Maybe it will be too late by the time I make up my mind……

I’ll post some before, during and after pics.  I’m pretty excited and regardless of which glass I choose, it’s going to look much better than it does and certainly a lot brighter….which is good for these crappy, dull, dreary days.  It was cold enough this morning that my heat came on!!  I really feel like I’m getting ripped off for summer!!

My daughter is on holidays so I think I’ll put her to work today.  This cupboard/drawer cleaning business will hopefully yield another load of stuff to send off to the thrift store….I have no idea what lurks at the back of some of the bottom cupboards.  My theory is if I haven’t used it for at least 2 or 3 years (….or 10 or 15!) it’s highly unlikely I’m ever going to use it again, if I ever used it at all.  I love kitchen gadgets and have 3 drawers full of them to prove it!!  I like days like this… the end of it there is a sense of accomplishment and a lot less junk to clutter up the new cupboards and drawers.  I’m also getting the “soft close” door and drawers, which will give me the use of that unused 2+ inches at the back of the drawers…..but I WILL NOT fill them with junk….I hope!




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