Getting There….

Slowly but surely……


Hard to believe it looked worse than this…..even after spending hours on it. On the left is one of the big tree stumps that I’ll have to get ground down….one of these days…..

It’s a lot of back breaking work to clean up a yard!  I have two outside projects on the go, which is not always a good idea, but I have to do it while the weather is good.  Yesterday I got an early start and am a little disappointed that I don’t have more to show for it.

The ground is so hard at the side of the garage…..mostly because of all the little stones, gravel and what looks like a thin layer of cement,  I tried just using the shovel but it was almost impossible in some places to make a dent in the ground so I used a rake for most of it….sort of chopping away at it and then spreading the actual dirt part of around to fill in holes and level it out a bit.


The sorted rocks…..somehow they just don’t look as big as they really are…..

I’m sure there is an easier way to do this….other than hiring someone to do it properly.  Now that said….I did that with my patio and even after spending big bucks on it, it’s not what I wanted.  So my theory now is that I can spend those dollars getting someone to do it and then not have what I wanted or I can muddle my way around doing it, also not exactly what I wanted, but at no cost except maybe a sore back.  I see this as a win win situation since I am getting a bit of a workout at the same time.

The mini vacation to Alberta is getting complicated… usual.  Sounds like there isn’t going to be enough room at my nieces place.  This will mean getting a hotel for a couple of nights there too.  The problem with that is she’s about 45 minutes outside of the city.  There are a couple of places about halfway between that I’ll look for places in but it’s also the long weekend, so I’m hoping I won’t have trouble finding a place..  The other problem is my exSIL wants to take her car…..I think this cannot be!!  And she’s trying to change her appointments so we don’t have to rush back……this all about a week before I leave for my Italy trip.

My daughter will be flying in on the Friday after work….so I’ll have to go get her from the airport…..which is at the opposite end of the city… the dark on unfamiliar roads…..argh.  We’ll share the hotel, wherever it may be so that’s not a problem. My exSIL is staying at my nieces so I’ll have to get her there first.    Bonny I may need a BOTTLE of wine by the time I get there!!

Today the weather is not so nice….not raining but certainly not bright and sunny.  I’ll see how it goes as the morning wears on and then decide if I have an in day or an out day.  I’m afraid if I leave my outside projects too long they’ll never get done.  I also broke down and asked my neighbour, the landscaper/horticulturist that I can’t afford, if he can get my 1×2 paving stones.  I just know he would have told me that I should have asked him…..he’s going to check today to see if they have any in their supply yard.  I am not expecting to get them for free…which I told him…so we’ll see how that goes.  Ken was much better at asking for things like this than I am.  He was also much stronger than me and probably would have had all the digging and raking done in a couple of hours…..but I know now that this kind of stuff seems to take me forever.  It’s when I run into a problem… tree roots and all the little rocks/gravel from the construction job….that I get frustrated.  I have no idea what to do with all the gravel-ish stuff.  It can’t go in the green bin.  I can’t really spread it around because the grass guy (if he ever shows  up again) would not be a happy camper and just dumping a load of topsoil on it all would just mean all those little rocks would eventually work their way up to the top…and you can’t really just throw down some grass seed on it as it is…..just one more thing to ponder over my coffee this morning!

Never a dull moment around here!!  But it all keeps me busy and my mind occupied, which is a good thing…..I guess.



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