That is what I’m doing……I said that I was not ever going to stress over anything again….so “fretting” is what I’m doing instead!

This “mini-vacation” to Calgary is my problem.  I want to go of course and I don’t mind doing the driving trip there with my exSIL but……all those potential “what ifs” is what is “fretting” me out.  I would like to eliminate one of the days and leave on the Wednesday as originally planned…..not a biggie but just thinking of the extra cost for a hotel for one more night.  I know that doesn’t seem like that big of an issue considering the other vacations I go on but……

Today is the day I’m going to sort out my rocks.  The big rocks…..for my rock garden.  I found a good website that gives you play by play directions for putting together a rock garden.  Sorting the rocks by size is the first thing on the list.


I had hoped to have this done a lot sooner but have just never gotten around to it…..too hot, too busy, back too sore already from something else….procrastination at it’s best!!  But today I’ll start.  I did see a nice birdbath when I was at the landscape place last week that I think that would look cute in my rock garden…..I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here but that is just how my head works……what actually happens is another story!!

Yesterday after getting home to a nice clean house I decided to do nothing!  That is pretty much how my whole week was and thought I would finish it off no differently.  Now I do have to get cracking around here.  Next week should be the start of the kitchen….that too is a week behind schedule!  Oh well…..I could have had the shelf emptied and drawers cleaned out but for some reason without a specific deadline I really have trouble getting stuff done.  Work was good for that….a schedule and a routine, which when retired is not applicable and as much as I enjoy it, is not always a good thing…..but I have no intention of going back to work so I’ve got to really work on getting something going.

My being dressed and ready to go out, if necessary, by 10:30 every day doesn’t always happen.  Not that that is a bad thing except when it doesn’t happen I beat myself up over it later…..I really am my worst enemy when it comes to making up my rules.  I think this must be the living alone thing……yes, my daughter is living here but that’s different!

I keep thinking all this new normal stuff just takes time, but how long I don’t know.  It must eventually come along……..right?




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