Cleaning Lady And Cards

Thank goodness she’s not coming until noon today!  That said, I must say I don’t seem to run around as much in a mini cleaning frenzie before she gets here like I used too…..that must be a good sign!

I picked the granite yesterday….the more expensive piece of course.  It matched perfectly and even though I would have saved a couple hundred bucks with the almost matching piece I know I would have been kicking myself a few months from now.  The worst part of this whole thing is that I had to pay so much for something that I, once upon a time, already had!!!  But I’m not going to dwell on that because it won’t do any good….at all!

After the granite adventure Bev and I went to the casino….for lunch (good choice Bev!!).  We did spend $20 in the slots but we were very good and left as soon as that was gone….had a good 15 or 20 minute run with it though, so got some entertainment for our money.  It would have been really easy to pull out another $20 ….

Dinner with my exSIL was fun.  Her kids want her to move where they are…..she has decided, on her own, not to do that.  Too much stress at this stage of her life.  She has some friends here, likes her Drs, etc. etc. and doesn’t want to start all over or deal with selling her apartment, storing/moving furniture and getting resettled.

My niece (her daughter) got married back in May….just a quick civil ceremony…and is having a bit reception/party on the labour day weekend.  I debated whether to go…should I fly, it would be a nice drive (although by myself so maybe not!).  My daughter is going but can’t get extra time off, so she’ll just fly in on the Friday and out again on Monday.  So….with my exSIL potentially moving there, as was the original plan, I could drive there with her, so she’d have her car then I’d just fly home.  Sounded like a plan.  However with her not moving there now, I thought that would NOT BE THE PLAN.  Well, she has a new plan, that I kind of like…we will drive there anyway, stop for a couple of nights up in the Okanagan wine country, which will nicely break up the long drive to Calgary.  That somehow morphed from leaving on the Thursday, to the Tuesday with an extra day thrown in.  Still sounds OK but start adding up hotels (she doesn’t want to share a room!) this could be a bit of an expensive adventure.  We’d have to leave to come home on the Sunday, with an overnight stopover along the way, because she has to be back Tuesday for Drs appointments.  We’d have two nights in Calgary (hoping to meet up with Bonny for that glass of wine!!).

She is doing quite good but I have a bit of concern that something could just pop up out of the blue, as is not impossible with cancer, before we go….then what?  I’m left scrambling to get plane tickets….on a long weekend $$$$…cancel hotel reservations etc.  It’s a bit of a dilemma for sure.

But today I won’t think too much about it…..looking forward to our card game this afternoon….I think I owe Bev a few quarters this month….and coming home to a nice clean house.



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