Much Better Day….So Far

Yesterday was an awful day.  Not really awful I guess….my own problem since I kind of made it the day it was!!

I did get a burst of energy after dinner so it was not a total loss of a day.  It just seems important to use my days right.  And by right, I mean doing what I want to do….not because of what I can’t do!  Does that make sense?

I thought I wanted to do nothing, which is what I did for a good part of the day, but then even that got boring!  I read, did my monster Sudoku for a while, played solitaire and not much of anything else.  It was mostly because I just couldn’t force myself to start anything.  A few times I got up and thought I was being ridiculous and really did want to do something, anything but what I was doing.  Then I’d change my mind……that is pretty much how my whole day went until around 7:30 when I got this great burst of energy and did manage to get a few things done around here.  I felt much better by bedtime and was kind of beating myself up for wasting the day.  And in my mind it was a waste because it wasn’t like I was really enjoying what I WAS doing……thank goodness I don’t have too many days like that!!

Today I’m feeling much more “into it”, whatever that might be.  I also got a really good nights sleep which I think makes the world of a difference in how you manage the next day….that 4:30AM alarm really did me.

I am heading to the granite place this morning to compare the slabs….Bev is coming along for the ride and lunch.  My exSIL is coming over tonight or later this afternoon, after her radiation treatment.  She’s in a bit of a mess right now.  Feeling much better and getting some of her strength back….or as much as you can get back when you weigh about 80lbs!  Her kids (my niceces)  want her to move to Alberta, so she’ll be close to them.  Part of her wants to do this but part of her is so stressed about it all too.  It means selling her apartment, most of her stuff which is a lot to think about when you’re also dealing with serious health issues.  We’ll talk about it tonight…..I can’t make the decision for her of course….that would be a family nightmare waiting to happen…..but at least she can get everything off her chest that she’s been thinking and worrying about…..I can listen but that’s about it.  I do feel bad for her…..she really has no one else to use as a sounding board and I know what it’s like NOW to have to make decisions on my own.

Grass and plants have been watered, kitty litter box cleaned,  recycling emptied, Roomba is on doing it’s thing, bed made, counter cleaned off, cats medicated…..and a few other odds and ends.  Definitely a much better day……




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