Jealous or Envious….

My friend/neighbors are up in the Okanagan for a few days….wine tasting, touring, bike riding….maybe even getting in a game of golf!!  She’s been posting pics on FB….I like looking at them of course but then starting wishing that I WE could be doing stuff like that too……I’m jealous!!

This is the stuff I really do miss a lot.  I’m not sure that we would have done something like this but just the fact that I can’t, or won’t, do it now really bugs me. Not a DIY type getaway.  I want to do this too but with who?

I could try and plan something with friends….most of us are retired now so have time to do it but that’s not the same thing.  It’s very hard to explain.  It almost depresses me a little.  I get over it soon enough but I don’t like thinking about it…’s one of those things that you can’t change, so no point in dwelling on it….it is what it is!! Move on, make the best of whatever yada, yada, yada…….

Oh well!

I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do today.  Not terribly in the mood to do anything (still thinking about what I can’t do…a little bit of a pity party day maybe?).  The granite place got back to me with a quote…..not cheap!  A little over what other places quoted me for “almost” the same stuff and since this is the exact same stuff I guess I’m going to have to bite the bullet and just go with it.  I know I’d be sorry if I didn’t and, at least today, I don’t need anything else to make feel even more sorry for myself!!  There were two different slabs of granite that I had to chose from….one was a touch lighter, the other almost a perfect match…which is the one that is a couple hundred bucks more.  I think I’ll go there this afternoon with my piece and ask them to see the slab that my counter will be taken from.  The ones in the showroom matched almost exactly but then when I went to look at that slab it was a not quite the same….so today I’ll check out the slab of “Imperial brown” which is the one I want…..I want to make sure it’s right!

I haven’t heard from Justin… can’t plan too much until I know when he’s going to get started on this kitchen.  I can certainly start emptying the shelving…..which I think I’ll get going on this afternoon with a nice glass of wine to help me along!

I’ve also got to figure out exactly what I need for that damn walkway….I was so sure it was going to be a simple little project.  It’s just the digging out of the strip where the pavers are going that is putting me off a little bit right now.  I don’t want to complain about the sun and heat but that is the side of the house that gets it all day, so not too anxious to get out there at the moment.  It’s one of those things that I should start first thing in the morning before it gets too hot….if not today, then tomorrow that can be my plan!!  And I do feel so much better when I’ve accomplished something!





2 thoughts on “Jealous or Envious….

  1. I sure know what you mean about the travelling thing without Ken. I’ve done some trips on my own (Vegas and Vancouver Island) and have coerced friends and my sister to do some other trips. But it is so not the same thing or nearly as satisfying.
    There’s something about male companionship and conversation. And of course, theres something about going to sleep and waking up next to someone that just can’t be duplicated with anyone else.
    Hey Linda, an occasional pity party is okay!!

    And don’t forget the S American cruise in January – it will be an amazing trip!

    • That cruise does still sound tempting
      since I’m not going on that big SA trip in Sept. I will still think about it as our big group trip plan is still a work in progress. This alone stuff has been the toughest thing to deal with and I’m not sure if it gets any better.
      I think I’m coming out your way on the
      labour day weekend so we might still get to have that glass of wine TOGETHER. Just waiting to hear from my exSIl as to what she is going to do. I will email you with more details in the next few days.

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