Up Since The Crack Of Dawn!

Really, it was before dawn!!  Was up at 4:30 AM to get my daughter to the airport for her 8AM flight.  She’s off for a few days to visit a friend in Alberta…..her bestie since high school.  Nowadays  thanks to facebook, facetime, texting and live messenger they’ve had no problem keeping in touch on a regular basis.  Both have visited each other many times over the years….although a little more difficult for her friend to get away now that she has FOUR kids!!  They have such a good time together…..and like Bev and me….can and do talk about everything and anything….good, bad and/or ugly!

I’m off to my brothers for another marathon picture day.  I hope I don’t fall asleep…that’s how exciting my pictures really are!  We’re starting even earlier today because I really don’t think I’ll make it much past dinner time tonight….I’m already tired and I haven’t even got started yet.  He’s making brunch…..eggs bennie so I can’t wait to get over there and enjoy it.

Still have not heard from my kitchen guy….hopefully today.  Although I’m not looking forward to emptying that shelving and all my drawers.  I could have gotten started on it yesterday but I don’t particularly want all this stuff hanging around on my table, or wherever else I can find to put it all, for days if its not necessary.  Also have not gotten my quote from the granite people….she did say Tuesday or Wednesday but I will follow up if I don’t get an email by the end of today…..I may have to go back into search mode…..

Yesterday we went for a nice 5 km walk along one of the dykes.  The weather was perfect, not too hot with even a teeny bit of cloud cover.  It was great…we seen osprey in their nests with babies, eagles, ducks, herons, swans…birders, kayakers, boaters and even a bear!!  We stopped for lunch (2+ hours….) at a golf coarse that is nestled up against the mountain and a fantastic view across the valley to more mountains….will definitely try to get a game in there one of these days.

I left the house at 10AM and got home at 3PM….needless to say I was not into doing much of anything at that point.  I poured myself a nice glass of rose and spent the rest of the afternoon on the deck with my monster Sudoku puzzle.   I was still recovering from being busy all weekend!  Usually those long walks give me more energy…not so yesterday.  We did talk a little more about trip planning for next year and about all we decided was that we need to get together and pick a location and then go from there.

Tomorrow I have to get back to some of my outside jobs.  That walkway is my priority……



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