Hanging Basket Update

How boring is that?


But it’s very pretty now that we’re finally seeing some sun.  It’s been hot enough the last couple of days that I’ve had to water it twice at day!!  I love it 🙂

Going for a walk this morning….it will be a long one and a fast one!  R and B both have long legs and really move at quite a clip.  I really have to hoof it to keep up with them but this is all good for my thighs…..I think.

Had a great dinner last night with Bev’s family.  Baby Eleanor is adorable.  I almost didn’t have enough food!  That is very unusual for me.  The salmon was a hit….a big piece from the one my son caught….and it was not overcooked, which is what often happens when I cook it.  I took quite a chance really but all worked out.  The beer can chicken was a hit….one little lonely drumstick left.

Just for Bev…..I made dessert, which was a bit of a disaster but it tasted good.  The shortcake crust was so hard it was almost impossible to cut through it.  Ended up scooping the topping and just breaking up the bottom as best as possible.  It looked a bit like a dogs breakfast but did taste good!  She’s used to my cooking experiments…..she’s been my taste tester quite often.

I think the best part of it was the whipped cream, which I whipped by hand in my dandy copper bowl.  IMG_0445I love this bowl and made a special trip to a cook shop in Paris to get it!  How fancy is that?  Chilling it and the cream makes it quicker and easier to do it by hand as opposed to getting the mixer out.  I carted this bowl home in my carry-on duffel bag….filled with stuff to maximize the space.  Who knows that they thought when I was going through security and customs….lol.  This shop in Paris is very famous, apparently, and it is amazing.  If I’d had a zillion dollars and a ton more room I could have gone crazy in there.  http://eshop.e-dehillerin.fr/  I can’t get the English version to come up but just looking at the pictures of what they have to offer is exciting!!  They “assign” you a salesperson….who can be a little pushy but stick to your guns or you’ll go broke!!  After I’d picked my bowl…and whisk….I told him I just wanted to browse….he left me alone for the most part after that.  I love this store and was one of the highlights of that trip.

Those were the days….I love Paris (all thanks to Ken insisting that we make that a stop on our trip back in 2006) and hope I can get back there one of these days.  Maybe next year depending on where our group ends up deciding to go….yesterday one of the girls sent a few links to places to rent in Greece!!!  We’re all over the map at this point but it’s still early…..maybe we’ll talk more about it today.  So far there are at least two couples for sure….and me.  Two more are still on the fence at this point.  I think we’re good with this until October, then we do have to start making some serious decisions like, where and narrowing down some dates which so far are anywhere from May 1 to June 30ish.




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