Happy Birthday Bev!


The best friend a girl could ever have…..really and truly!  I love you dearly and enjoy all the time we spend together.  So kind, so thoughtful and fun!  We’ve been friends for over 30 years….all through the good, the bad and the ugly!

We can bitch and complain, be happy, be sad, laugh and chat about anything and everything…..play cards and swear with the best of the truck drivers, you name it, we can do it…..and we still have lots more to do!

Bev’s kids and brand new baby granddaughter are coming for dinner.  I can’t wait to see baby Eleanor.

I think the weather will be perfect too…..not too hot but nice and sunny and warm.  We’re starting a little earlier than usual because it’s one of Eleanor’s first social events…..need to keep it simple, quiet and quick.  It’s just going to be us, Bev, her 2 daughters and spouses, Linds and me……none of my rambunctious crowd today….they’d just be a little too much for the new parents I think.

Yesterday my son and grandkids were here all day.  We had lots of fun.  They all helped with some of the digging for my walkway…..it was so dry and dusty everyone was covered in the thin layer of dirt and grit.  I tried a “crockpot” dinner, which was only OK.  Lazy cabbage rolls….at my son’s request.  It was good but missing something that we just couldn’t pinpoint.  But certainly a quick and easy way to prepare a tasty and filling meal…..was never bit on slowcooker type meals but might have to think about it a little more, especially come winter.

Today we’re having a hunk of the salmon my son caught on his fishing trip along with a beer can chicken on the BBQ and just a couple of different salads.  Dessert may or may not be a strawberry/blueberry shortcake…seen I forgot to buy the shortcake!!  If I can find a quick easy recipe for the shortcake crust, I may, time permitting whip one up.  My mother-in-law made the best ever and I know I have the recipe lurking around here somewhere.  If not, then I have lots of ice cream which I’ll top with the fruit and whipping cream…



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