Granite Success-ish!

Although, there were a few touch and go moments where I thought I was going to have to replace all of it!!  I’m still not quite out of the woods yet…..we’ll see when I get the quote.  The granite place, where we bought the stuff we I have, has been taken over by another company.  They couldn’t find my piece….fair enough, it has been 4 years!!  And they mostly deal in silastone and quartz….argh.  He was pretty sure my granite had been discontinued!!!

I started to think about my options……the first was to have a completely different kind of counter top on that one new piece that I’m adding.  It doesn’t touch the other counters so that was a possibility but what that top was going to be was a design dilemma for me!  The second, of course, was to replace ALL of the existing granite, which I really like and don’t want to replace!!  It wouldn’t have gone to waste because I could always put it in the bathroom and probably have enough leftover to do the counter in the laundry room too!

After traipsing through a half dozen back lots of other granite places looking for the same granite or something that was close….this included climbing over pallets, broken bits of granite and a couple of places where some of those old slabs were almost completely covered in blackberry vines and brambles (in my NEW sandals…..what was I thinking!) I’d pretty well given up.

One last stop on the way home and lo and behold…..there it was!  Not discontinued at all….a new name, which is apparently common with granite.  Mine is Aymore Brown, it’s now called Imperial Brown….still from Brazil so not sure why the name change.  Of course I have to now pay for this new piece, which isn’t big, only 44″x19″, instead of just the finishing of it.  I can only hope it doesn’t cost a small fortune.  When I’d found pieces that were relatively close to mine at the other places the rough estimates that I’d gotten were anywhere from $200 – 500 for a piece that size.  My fingers are crossed this place quotes me something within that range or else what I don’t know (options above may still come back into play!).

Why we did not just keep that leftover piece from our slab here I’ll never know….it’s not like it would have rotted and would have, at the time, fit in nicely with all the other crap and junk we kept under the deck.  Oh well….live and learn again!  I did beat myself up over that a couple of times during the day but it was a waste of time and stress… of those it is what it is things.  Absolutely nothing I could do about it now.

The kids came over later…..DIL brought dinner again!  Lots of fun after dinner watering the grass and plants.  The little ones loved the “baby” grass and were pretty careful about not walking/running all over it.

They’re coming over today too because Mom is working, so Dad, and them, can help prepping the area for the walkway beside my garage.  It’s a nice day, not too hot, so a good day to get this done, especially when I have helpers!



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