Grass Seed For Dummies!

Yes, they actually do make this.

Over the last year, with all the garage construction garbage, I had to reseed a lot of my backyard.   I’d done the raking, seeding, raking again, watering and watching….with some success but not what I’d hope for….that beautiful, thick, dark green grass.  Mine is more like the guy that is going bald with a few wispy bits here and there.

I found this stuff…


Sprinkled it all over the place….or everywhere there was a bare patch and after having the new fence put in that side of the patio had taken quite a beating.  After raking out all the dried up grass, bits of wood, rocks and whatever else was lurking, I sprinkled this stuff and watered it as directed.   I know with the other regular grass seed I’d probably over watered…ie drowned…most of the seeds but I figured it needed all that water because it was sooooo hot last summer (a distant memory this year!!).  This stuff is great….good for shade or sun and you know when to water it because the mulch part changes back to that dull light brown colour….no more guessing and assuming that is just needs water.  After less than a week I’m starting to see some new grass sprouting up in all the places I put some.  This is good!!  One small thing though in the “instructions”….even though good for shade, it does say that for best results the area being seeded should get at least 4 hours of sun daily….hmmmm.

Small things but hey…..

Had a great day golfing yesterday.  I won’t complain about how hot it was….just thankful that there was a nice breeze that came up every now and again.  Neither of us are any good at it so we gave up keeping score after the 2nd hole.  And because it wasn’t terribly busy, on a couple of the holes we shot two balls….especially when the first one ended up in the bushes or only two feet away from where it started!  A quick stop on the way home for a refreshing sangria made for a fun afternoon.

I was in the door just after 5 and had dinner ready to go by 6…..Bev was coming to help eat all the food I’d bought for the day before when my ex-SIL had to cancel.

A perfect day really…..great weather, good friends and rose wine…..could finally bring out the pink!

Today I’m off to the granite place to see if they still have that chunk that was leftover from the slab we had to buy 4 years ago for the counters…..I didn’t want a seam so had to go big!  Ken told him at the time that we were planning more renos and would need that hunk…..he said no problem holding it even if it took a couple of years!!  I guess I’ll find out today.  If not I hope he’ll be able to get another piece of the same stuff….probably $$’s but not much choice.  I still have the bill with the name of the granite and big chunk of it that we used when trying to find backsplash… fingers are crossed!!  Not sure what I’ll do if he doesn’t have our piece or can’t get the same stuff….at least that counter isn’t right next to one of the existing ones.  I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it….if I come to it!!

Not so sunny this morning….thunder rumbling off in the distance and a few drops of rain.  It’s supposed to clear up, which it’s already showing signs of doing.  Depending on the weather and how motivated I am, after the granite shopping, I may start some of the  digging at the side of the garage for my paving stone (1’x2′) walkway.  I really need to get this done so it is at the top of my outdoor “to do” list.  The addition can’t be painted until I get that walkway in…..every time it rains it splashes dirt and mud on the siding…..and I want that done before fall or definitely winter.






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