Happy Anniversary

Today IS our 42nd wedding anniversary!  Even though Ken is not here to celebrate, it is still a day to remember.  Maybe not celebrate, because we probably wouldn’t have done anything too exciting seen it wasn’t an anniversary that ended in a 0 or 5….those were the biggies.  Not as difficult as the first two, especially that first one that was our 40th.  But still not easy…..it is different now though.  I can more easily think of the good times and all the years we did have together…..lots of good memories.

So….a very Happy 42nd Anniversary Ken.  Love you and miss you every single day.

My plans for the day have changed.  My ex-SIL was going to spend the day here because her water was being shut off for a good part of the day for repairs.  She texted last night that she’s not feeling so good and would have to cancel.  I’m kind of worried about her and will give her a call later to make sure she’s OK.  She was here on Sunday for the family birthday party (her daughter) and was in feeling good and in good spirits….but oh so skinny.  I think she’s down to around 85lbs.  Just skin and bones.  She’s started a new treatment that is causing fluid to build up in her feet.  Apparently it’s gotten a lot better but looked a little scary to me.  I hope she’s just tired and that it’s not something else…..

The sun is NOT shining this morning….argh.  It is supposed to come out later today….fingers crossed for that.

Today is maybe a good day to do some more painting under my deck.  It’s not supposed to rain and it won’t be too hot.  I also know I don’t have enough paint to get it all done which is kind of a pain but probably a good thing too because painting those beams is literally going to be a pain in the neck….the amount of paint will limit the amount of time I spend doing it and hopefully some of that pain.

Tomorrow is golf day….so the weather better pick up!  Looking forward to getting out for only the second time this year!  Definitely don’t want to have any aches and pains for that….I’m bad enough without having a sore neck to make it worse……although I could use that as an excuse!!

Kitchen renos should start next week.  I’m not sure at this point just how disruptive it’s all going to be so can’t really plan too much.  My friend Connie is supposed to be coming over for a “cooking day” and because she lives a good hour or more drive from here she’ll stay over night….and then we can also have a few glasses of wine.  We haven’t decided what we’ll make….maybe some of the goodies we learned when we were at cooking school in Italy!!  I’ll have to play it by ear though and see what day of the week will work best.



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